Saturday, March 19, 2011

3.18.11 Postal Expenses

The pile o' documents has been sent. Here is another important tip for those thinking of teaching abroad - be prepared to incur some expenses during the application and hiring process. For example, to send this one envelope to Seoul was $74. Ouch. Now we await further instructions from our recruiter.

In the meantime, I am panicking over all the stuff for which we need to find new homes. If you have ever coveted any of my belongings, now is the time to make an offer. Need a king-sized bed? How about a semi-hollowbody guitar and amp? Perhaps kettlebells, clubbells, macebells, or a very sturdy pull-up rack are what you need?

There will probably be a garage sale in a few weeks, but I would rather start selling stuff now. If you are relatively close to  Laramie (i.e. Cheyenne, Fort Collins, Denver...) drop me an email - no reasonable offer will be refused, and for larger items I might even deliver. That is, until the car gets sold...


  1. I kind of covet thy pull up bar and some of thy other exercise equipment. I'll be making a trip to laramie tomorrow, let me know if you'll be around and when and I'll see what things I can make you an offer on.

  2. Herr Doktor,
    If you'll be here on Sunday, just give me a call - I'll be home most of the day. :)