Friday, March 18, 2011

3.17.11 Document Update

We have finally collected all* of our documents!

This pile contains diplomas with state apostilles, FBI background checks with federal apostilles, copies of our passport, two sealed college transcripts for each of us, copies of our signed contracts, resumes, copies of our E2 health forms, five passport-size color photos, and the document checklist. All of this will be heading out by FedEx to our recruiter in South Korea first thing tomorrow morning. It should be there in two or three days, and we can move on to the next step. Hopefully, we will soon have our actual airline departure date set so that we can then plan out all the tasks of our final days in the US.

*Of course this isn't really all of them. We will still have to send copies of most of these documents to the Korean Consulate, then there is all the paperwork for our pets as well...


  1. Oh you're taking your pets? We've looked into taking the cat with us to Japan. No such luck. He'd have to be in quarentine (sp?) for almost the entire length of our stay. Thankfully, we have people here who'll take care of him for the year.

    It sounds like everything is coming together for your grand adventure ~should be good!

  2. Yes, we are taking Friday and Quinn (1 skinny little dog, 1 fat cat - about the same weight). Part of the reason that we chose to focus on Korea as our destination was their liberal policy regarding pets.