Tuesday, March 29, 2011

3.29.11 Clothing and Modesty

I've had some success in clearing out some of my stuff in the last few days. I have sold the bed frame, over half of the kettlebells, my guitar, and most important of all, I've found a buyer for my car! I plan to use the money from these sales to pay off my lease and household bills through the end of May, then with the remainder I plan to buy some luggage and new "teacher clothes."

I've been warned that a big guy like me will have a hard time finding clothing in Korea. Shoes over size 9 are said to be hard to come by, and I don't imagine there are many XL or XXL shirts available there. Since I insist on a monchromatic pallet, I figure I should stock up now. My style has migrated more and more of late toward the look that I call "Hell's Bowling Team" - bowling or lounge shirts, slacks, and Converse, all in black. I wonder how that will go over with the kids...

Due to her elfin stature, Becky will probably be able to find clothing in Korea, but bras may be an issue. Since cleavage is not really acceptable there, she is busily trying to make her many v-neck things more modest. Is a Cami-Secret really in our future?

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