Monday, March 21, 2011

3.21.11 Buddhism

Another thing that we're looking forward to is the number of Buddhist temples in and around Jeonju. We plan to go see some of them in the usual tourist manner, but we are also hoping that we can find one where we can practice. There are several forms of Buddhism practiced in Korea, including the Jogye and Taego orders of Soen Buddhism, as well as the newer Jingak and Won sects.

Soen represents an attempt to clarify some issues in Mahayana Buddhism that Korean monks saw as inconsistent. The basics of Soen meditation are similar to Zen, although the actual ceremonies, holidays, and rituals differ somewhat.

I stumbled onto Buddhism in jr. high school, studied it for a paper during my senior year in high school, and decided it was the path for me when I was 21. In the years since I have wandered on and off that path many times. There have been several periods in my life when I've been able to attend meditation at a zendo regularly, and those have always been productive times. Once we know our new address, I'll start looking for a temple near home.

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