Thursday, March 24, 2011

3.23.11 Pile O' Documents

According to online tracking, the package containing our pile o' documents was delivered to our recruiter on the afternoon of the 22nd. That was two days faster than promised by FedEx, so hopefully we will get our E2 visa numbers just a bit more quickly. This visa is pretty important - apparently if you don't have one, or the right kind, or even if you have one but you aren't teaching in the town it says you should be, you can be subject to instant deportation.

Once we have those, we send off another batch of documents (mostly copies of the original packet) to the Korean Consulate in San Francisco. Once they stamp our papers, we are good to go!

The mad rush to get rid of everything continues. I've sold some of the workout equipment, and I have a few people interested in my car - hopefully I can get it sold this weekend.  In the next few days I plan to sort clothes and other personal goods into several categories - keep, garage sale, Goodwill, and trash. I think we'll be renting a dumpster...


  1. You doing English teaching BTW? I haven't noticed mention of that yet...

  2. I hope everything goes smoothly for both of you!

  3. Clay - yes, we'll be teaching English at a hagwon in Jeonju. We have a one year contract. :)

    Brittany - Thanks! We have so much to do before we leave... :/