Sunday, March 20, 2011

3.19.11 Waiting and Calculating

We got an email from our recruiter today, explaing that it takes two weeks for South Korea to issue an E2 visa number. Until then, we wait.

It's not that there isn't plenty to do - there is, in fact, so much to do that it's kind of hard to contemplate - but I am the kind of person who likes to know the when and how of things. Not having a firm departure date and time is bothering me. Because I can't actually put things on the calendar, I've been obsessing a bit over it. Here is an example of what's been going on in my head lately...

Exactly how long will it take us to traverse the 6162.7 miles between Laramie, WY and Jeonju, Jeollabukdo?

A flight from the west coast to Seoul is just under 13 hours, and from Denver to the west coast is 2.5 hours, so we are looking at 15+ hours just in flying time. Then customs for both us and our animals, plus transportation from the airport to our apartment. That means it will take probably 20+ hours just to get to Jeonju, and that's assuming minimal lay-overs and delays. We need at least 8 hours of sleep before reporting to work the next day, so at minimum, we must take off 28 hours prior to April 12th.

The time zone in Jeonju is GMT+9, and here in Laramie, it's GMT-7, so that means there is a 16 hour time difference - but we're on Daylight Saving Time right now so it's 15 hours. That is, Jeonju is 15 hours ahead of us so it's already early Sunday morning there as I write this on Saturday afternoon in Laramie. So, at minimum, we have to leave 43 hours before we need to be there (28 hours of travel and sleep plus 15 hours of time difference). Thus, in order to arrive at work at 2pm on April 12th (that is our start time according to our contracts; we work 2pm to 9pm, M-F) we must fly out of Denver no later than 7pm on April 10th. Add to that TSA security and the drive to Denver, and we must depart Laramie by mid-day on the 10th.

Hopefully it won't be that tight. I would like to have a day to get over jetlag and get our pets situated before we are plunged into orientation and training at the hogwan, thus I am hoping for a flight out of Denver by midday on April 9th.

I am not neurotic. I just really like to be prepared...


  1. Jeonju to Wyoming or vice versa always takes at least 24 hours. Enjoy it.

  2. @Jekkilekki - sounds like you've made this trip a few times. What takes you from Jeonju to Laramie, or vice versa?