Monday, April 25, 2011

You Might Be a Waygookin* If...

Top ten signs you're living in Korea:

  1. Paying more than five or ten dollars for anything - food, clothes, haircuts, taxis, acupuncture, sex (just kidding) - begins to seem outrageous. Which means that...
  2. When your partner points out a Starbucks, the first words out of your mouth are, "Oh, no. Very expensive."
  3. You eat what your Korean friend describes as "It's like soup, but with syrup, and red beans, and rice cake," and think it's delicious.
  4. Actually, you think everything is delicious. Except for bugs.
  5. You stop making fun of Korean mountains. Sure they're not as big as the Rockies, but those things go straight up - and so do all their trails.
  6. You establish a "Short Skirt of the Day" contest, and argue over the winners.
  7. You didn't order the fried squid and popcorn combo at the movie theater, but you probably will next time.
  8. You get all excited when you see a girl with dyed hair and a facial piercing (because they are SO rare).
  9. "Because it's cute!" becomes a perfectly good reason to buy something.
  10. When your partner tells you that you can't live off of rice cakes, you respond, "But I can try."
*Korean for "foreigner"


  1. LOL "Because it's cute" was the only reason I bought stuff in Japan. I'm hoping to get over to S. Korea next summer. Sounds like you are having way to much fun. Not fair since the rest of us can not join in!

  2. It sounds like you guys are living the adventure - exactly what we wanted for you. And, no, you can't live on rice cakes and shouldn't try. Live on chocolate covered peeps instead! XOXO Mutti

  3. I'll help judge the Short Skirt contest! As long as there are no relatives in the running....

  4. LizLadyNinja - I'm actually spending a little too much on "Because it's cute!" stuff. So, hurry on over here and join in! :)

    Mutti - I think we're a little too comfortable to be having an adventure. Language barrier aside, Jeonju reminds me a lot of Boulder, if Boulder was a bigger city that had been around for thousands of years. But there are no chocolate-covered peeps here. :(

    Link14 - Don't worry, Dad, I can't compete. My skirts are longer than everybody else's, including those in the schoolgirl uniforms.

  5. "Because it's cute!" is always a perfectly legitimate reason to buy something, no matter what country you're in! JC Penny was having a monster sale last week and I bought this dress because it was cute (and I didn't pay no $29 for it, either!).

  6. Raksha - Becky does not need to be encouraged!
    BTW, that dress will be very fetching on you. :)