Monday, April 25, 2011

4.25.11 Top Dog

We decided to try the mountain again yesterday. Equipped with proper clothing and footwear, a bottle of water, and snack for a picnic at the top, we set off. Although Becky and I enjoy our hikes, they are really Friday's outings.

She insists on being out front, both going up and coming down. Today we put her in her flyball harness because the last time we went, she was pulling so hard on her collar that she was choking herself the whole time. She covers each stretch of trail a minimum of three times; racing ahead to the end of her 10' lead, then coming back to hurry us along, then racing out the end again. I have no doubt that without us primates slowing her down she could run to the top and back again twice before we reached the halfway point.

The trail is deeply wooded, insanely steep, and consists mostly of roots and rocks strategically placed to be used as stairsteps. In some more precarious places there are handropes along the sides to keep folks from falling off, but for most of the way up you are on your own. At several points along the way there are scenic vistas, but the view from the top is worth the wait. As you can see here, it's pretty impressive, regardless of which way you look.

This is what Koreans consider a "small rural city." I've tried to explain to my students and our coworkers that Jeonju is a sprawling metropolis compared to Laramie, but they have a hard time getting their heads around the idea of a "city" that is smaller in population than any two blocks of their downtown...

"Hurry up, monkey!"
We have decided to climb this trail several times per week as a part of our exercise regimen. Tomorrow we will climb it in the cool of the morning, and time it to set a baseline. Then with each week we'll see how much faster we can do it. Regardless of how many minutes we shave off our times, I am sure it will never be fast enough for Friday.

It is time for some spicy noodles and a good night's rest. Friday is already crashed out, resting up for tomorrow's climb.


  1. Bet Friday slept goot that night's the cat settling in?

  2. Quinn's doing quite well, actually. She doesn't seem to miss Pickman and she's even played with the dog a few times. The only difference I see is that she's a little needier and cuddlier than before, which really breaks my heart. ;)

  3. Wow, that mountain is gorgeous!

    How did Quinn and Friday take the trip to Jeonju? Were they sedated? I'm curious about Quinn especially, since I'll be facing a similar situation moving Evey to Germany.

  4. They handled it really well. The cat was pretty much back to normal the next day. We didn't sedate them because some airlines won't take them if they are sedated.

    We're planning on doing a post soon about the expense of taking them with us, as well as tips for others who want to fly internationally with their furbabies. :)