Thursday, April 7, 2011

4.7.11 Overdue

I just got an email from our recruiter saying that our school would like us to arrive as quickly as possible - yeah, we would like that too. Everyone involved would like that. Unfortunately, the instructions from the Korean Consulate seem to indicate that we are not leaving this weekend. If you look at the instructions they sent me below, you'll see what I'm worried about.

Apparently they only do interviews on Monday and Wednesday. If that is true, then we won't be interviewed until next Monday - which means we won't get our Visas until Tuesday at the earliest, but probably Wednesday. So we could depart by Thursday, which puts us into Jeonju on the 16th.

Our recruiter has already told us that the school will adjust our contract start date once we get there, but it is still troubling. I hate to begin a new job like this - great first impression. I'm sure they understand that it's not our fault, but it still feels like there was something more I should have done to expedite things. I'll call the Consulate again tomorrow.

If it takes too much longer, then we have to have Quinn and Friday examined again, as their health forms have to be dated within 10 days of the flight. It will also mean that Becky and I have to knock around the house for longer, which is proving to be unhealthy for both of us. I have spent so much time sorting and selling my belongings that a bonfire for the remainder is starting to sound like a great idea. We could call the city, get a permit, invite friends, roast some marshmallows...


  1. Wow, this delay is really sounding like a big pain. At first I imagined the two of you would have liked the extra time to get ready, but I also understand that you're ready to let go of your Laramie baby. C;
    The bonfire idea, although tempting, makes me wonder if you're donating the things that can't go with you? I'm only moving two hours away and have already have a pile to donate, just an idea.
    I hope the process proves more efficient from this point on, and you don't have to take the pets in for another exam or get anymore frustrated than possible.
    Good luck and see you tomorrow!!

  2. Thanks, Britt - we are trying to not let it drive us crazy. :)