Saturday, April 2, 2011

4.1.11 Visa Numbers

As of late last night, we have our E2 Visa numbers. Now we begin the mad scramble to get everything done for departure. Our employer would like us to arrive in Jeonju on the 11th - that means departure by the 9th at the latest. Here is a partial list of what must get done in the next 8 days:
  • Make arrangements for our interview with the Korean Consulate in San Francisco.
  • Finish paperwork for the animals
  • Finalize the sale of my car
  • Finalize airline tickets
  • Get carriers and supplies for the animals
  • Sell, store, give away, or trash everything we aren't taking with us.
  • Convert some USD ($) into SKW (₩)
  • Final packing
  • Pay off the remainder of our lease and bills
  • Clean our rooms (we would like to get some of our deposit back...)
Somewhere in there, we have to shop for new teacher clothes, luggage, toiletries, teaching supplies, gifts for arrival, etc., and find time to say goodbye to everyone. If you're a Laramie local, you can tune into our farewell show on KOCA 93.5fm on this Sunday night (4.3.11) at 10pm.

Because of all of this, posting here may be sporadic. We will return to regular posting as soon as we can - once we get to Jeonju we will need to figure out the internet situation, and then we will bore you all with a photo dump from the trip.


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