Sunday, July 3, 2011

7.3.11 Becky's Quest

I come to you, oh Internet, with my hands extended imploringly, for I require thine help in a Great Quest - the Quest for the Perfect Eyeglasses.

Actually, the Internet has done (ahem) "fudge" all to help me (I want you to appreciate how PG I'm keeping this blog, Mom.) which is why I'm turning to you folks. Although my fourth-grade experiences involving a pair of huge, round glasses - this was before Harry Potter made them cool - left me despising the, uh, "gosh-darned" things, I've recently been rethinking my prejudices. I admit that looking at pictures of Victorian Kitty and Jillian Venters with their unique, perfectly suited frames has had some impact on me.

So, I wore my glasses today. And it was a nice, though not earth-shaking, change. Looking into the mirror, I couldn't help but think that this would be so much more fun if they were just a little more...interesting. Severe. Slightly fanciful. You know, like these to the right.

Unfortunately, this particular pair of frames is just cheap costume...crud. I need real glasses. I've already got an English-speaking optometrist lined up to do the lenses, so if anybody catches a glimpse of some fabulous spectacles, let me know!

Alternatively, I did find here in Jeonju a pair of black eyeglasses that are very flattering - they're just a smidgen too plain for my taste. Has anyone had any luck modifying/decorating their frames?

If you guide me to the realm of the Perfect Eyeglasses, I will in turn offer you all the native resources of Korea: thousands of gem-studded hair accessories, hundreds of pots of potent skin potions, and enough kimchi to feed your family for three generations. Actually, nix the kimchi, that stuff is too smelly (in a tasty way) to ship. Better stick with less organic compensation.


  1. Have you tried

  2. I don't think you need to see an eye doc because we should be able to get your prescription from the eye doc here. There are good deals here on eyeglasses for you because you have a simple prescription. If you send pictures of what you like we could probably get them done and bring them to you in September!

  3. Lol - your post made me giggle. :) Best of luck on your quest. I find my frames at such exotic places as Lenscrafters and Target. :-D Then again, I stick with pretty plain frames; I'm usually just looking for black (or purple) and tiny enough for my little head. I've thought of attempting embellishments with flat-back Swarovski rhinestones and super glue, but I always chicken out because glasses are expensive I don't have the most steady hand in the world...

  4. I'm glad you like the post! I actually found some pretty spiffy frames at zennioptical. I'll have to post a picture if I order them! :) I was a little chicken about modifying frames, too, that's why I asked for advice. Frames are pretty cheap here in Korea, though - if I find myself with some extra dough one of these months, I might get that black pair and see what I can do with it.