Saturday, July 23, 2011

7.23.2011 Rapunzel, Rapunzel

(A rare shot - wearing neither black nor lace in order to go hiking.)
So I'm in the process of growing out my hair. And because I don't want to wait for layers to catch up, I'm basically growing it out at all one length. That's right - no "freshening my layers," no "slight changes in style." I'm not even planning on getting it trimmed until at least my birthday (January).

Those of you who know me well will understand how completely torturous I'm finding this process. For those of you who don't: it's very torturous. No, seriously, I am addicted to haircuts. I just love that freshly mowed feeling. After I decided to ditch the pixie four years ago, I have been "growing my hair out," which really just means that I dialed my monthly haircuts back to every six weeks.
It's even worse in Korea. Everyone's hair here is immaculate - even the little boys I work with get their hair dyed and permed - because the prices of those services is so low. Linus and I pay 10,000 won (less than 10 dollars) to have our hair done by our neighborhood hairdresser, and according to the indispensable Kate that is, and I quote, "too much." 10 dollars. Too much for a haircut. Is this what culture shock feels like?

But this time I really mean it! I promise! I am growing my hair out, and no ridiculously cheap haircuts or awkward phase or humidity-induced poof on Earth can stop me. With Loepsie of Youtube fame and the lovely ladies of The Long Hair Community at my back, I believe that I can finally kick the scissor habit.

Only problem is, I have no idea what to do with my new length. I'm still loving braids, but I'd like some more options. Especially options that don't require curling irons (I'm scaaaaaared) and that don't involve spending hours slaving over a hot hairdo, because I think if I spend any more time in the morning obsessing over my hair, Linus is going to snap and shave me in my sleep.

Any ideas? Then fire away, Internets.

Like this. But with brown hair instead of red, and my face instead of Lily Cole's.
So not like this at all.


  1. Since I've had long hair my entire life (except for a brief, regrettable period when I chopped it off shoulder length two days before the start of highschool because I got myself confused with Dana Scully again), you'd think I'd have a lot of advice about what to do with long hair. Except I don't. I'm hopelessly clumsy when it comes to doing my hair, and now that I have my joint conditions, I'm even more useless since I can't really hold curling irons or blow dryers long enough to do anything interesting. Sorry!

    What kind of braiding have you tried? I've noticed a lot of super-cute front braids that Sayumi Michishige has been doing lately. And this one is cool, but I have no idea how to even start on that.

    But whatever you do with your hair, it's going to be super cute!

    I'm thinking of getting an Alternative Lifestyle Haircut, but I'm not sure. What do you think?

    Also, I sent Linus a big long email yesterday. Did he get it? Does he still use his gmail address? He never responded to the one I sent a month ago, so I'm just wondering.

  2. ^^ This is Christin, by the way. I don't know why it won't let me post using my regular Google account, so I had to sign in with my old LJ. :\

  3. Don't worry, I know who Raksha is. :) Those front braids are cute! The other braid is, I think, a fairy-tale braid. They're quick and easy and I do them a lot when my hair is being stupid. :) Linus did get your most recent email, but he says he didn't get the one from a month ago...don't know what's up with that. As far as an Alternative Lifestyle Haircut goes, those are some cute haircuts, but I must admit that I think you already look great with long hair, plus I don't know how you'd feel about actually having short hair when you've had long hair all your life. Short hair also usually requires a lot of blow-drying and fussing unless you get a very basic, boyish cut. Maybe you could take it to shoulder-length and put it some choppy, asymmetrical layers? Linus's suggestion is, as always, a purple mohawk (isn't he helpful?)Anyway, keep me posted!

  4. Some of the edgier styles on this page might do well. And if you really want to go shorter, there's always my hero's haircut:,r:9,s:88&tx=108&ty=42