Sunday, May 8, 2011

Pics Around Jeonju

Just a few fun signs and products we've found here...
Beer bangs are literally everywhere ("bang" means "room" in Korean) but they still make me giggle a bit. It's even funnier when you realize that it's pronounced like "beer bong.
Sometimes a sign gives more information but still leaves you puzzled. I don't know if this is a European-style pub that doesn't charge a cover, or a pub that promises you can drink your pint without being bothered by Eurotrash.
Not sure what this is about, but it smelled good.
This needs to be imported to the US. It would sell mad in the 'hood. 
They actually could teach American pizza places a thing or two.
This is actually a liquor/convenience store chain, so some truth in advertising going on here...


  1. I take it you haven't seen Crunky Nude Balls there yet?

  2. Nooooo, but now I really want to!

  3. Crunky is imported to the US...but you can only really find them in Asian food stores and I've only seen them with the Japanese packaging. :x

  4. Crunky Nude Balls are on my shopping list now. :)