Tuesday, May 3, 2011

5.3.11 A Sample of Korean Clothing

My best Wednesday Addams impression.
Hi folks! Just a quickie post to demonstrate the goth-friendly fashions I've been talking about. A few nights ago, Linus bought me this black dress with cream lace trim down in Gaeksa (downtown Jeonju). How much did it cost? 26,000 won - less than $25.00. That's a heck of deal by American standards.

It's hard to tell in this photo, but I've started dressing like a real Korean girl now. That is, I'm dressing the same as I always have, but my hemlines have risen a good four inches. This particular dress falls about mid-thigh, and would be totally inappropriate for teaching in the U.S. When I wore it on Monday, however, none of my co-workers batted an eye. Of course, I was wearing opaque leggings underneath, but I bet I could get away with just tights.

Here are some skirts on sale in Gaeksa. I think they were all less than 10,000 won. The gray tulle one I'm holding up is exactly like the one I already bought, only mine is slightly darker in color. 

I guess the thrust of this post is, if you want access to purdy clothing AND the chance to dress creatively at work, you should probably come to Korea.


  1. Adorable dress! That's definitely a great find. The crocheted details are so pretty.

    Sophistique Noir - Dark, Elegant Fashion

  2. Thank you! What's really great about this dress is how comfy it is.

  3. So cute (you and the clothes)! I'm both admiring and jealous of your adorableness.

    I'm only starting to dip my toe into higher-than-ankle-length skirts/dresses, and I still won't wear them without patterend tights to disguise how mishapen my legs are. If I had to be around all those Korean girls with their...legs being all...leggy (I mean, Jesus Fucking Christ), I'd be right back in hippie-wear!

  4. Yes, the ladies in Girl's Generation are quite impressive, and you'd be amazed by the number of girls around here who succeed at looking like them. It's terrible. :D