Thursday, May 2, 2013

Are You There, Readers? It's Me, Becky

*Knock knock*

Hello? Is anybody in here?

 *A door creaks open*

Oh, wow, it's really dusty in here. Nobody's been inside this blog for quite a while.

That's because I took a break from Internet writing to work on some other kinds of writing. First it was my thesis, but when that was finished, I wrote a few fantasy novels and some short stories.

Now I'm back on the Web, and I've started a new blog: "From the Crow's Beak." I'm blogging as Rebecca now, instead of Becky, but it's the same old me!

In the new blog I continue to write about goth and Korean stuff, but I'm also going to talk about my current writing projects and give publication updates. So if you liked the last blog, please consider following my new one.



  1. Hey sweetie, I'd like to follow your other blog, but I didn't see the "Join This Site" button to click!

    1. Oh, I added it to my reading list, so maybe the button doesn't matter...