Tuesday, October 4, 2011

10.5.11 Everything Shiny and New In Our Lives

In honor of our fortieth follower (welcome, Raphael!), I have gotten off me lazy bum for another post.

As many of you are already aware, I have taken the Big Leap into Real Gothdom. No, no, I didn't get that pierced. I dyed my hair black.

I've always been pretty experimental with hair colors - my all-time favorite was dark purple - but I held off on black for two reasons: 1) I wasn't sure it would look good with my skin tone, and 2) I didn't want to look just like every other little goth girl on the Internet (not to mention most Koreans). But as the Lady of the Manners wisely points out, we're all walking stereotypes anyway, so why not embrace the cliches? As it turns out, black hair looks much better on me than my natural hair color. Koreans, or at least the Koreans I know, are very outspoken about personal appearance, and when I was brown-haired I would get told about every third day that I looked sick, tired, and/or like I'd just cried. I've been ebon-haired for a week now and have yet to be accused of ill health or constant weeping. The black stays.

Linus took a less conventional - and also less intentional - route to awesome hair.

This was supposed to be a dark golden blonde, close to his natural hair color. As you can see, this is not dark golden blonde. That's fine by me; I always fancied gingers. This is just one of the steps Linus is making towards modifying his appearance. We visited Seoul for the first time recently and Linus bought many fancy items that will dress up his patent-pending Tactical Goth look. Less "Blade," more Great Gatsby... if Jay Gatsby had been a day-walker/hit man/sketchy priest, that is. It's hard to describe, but he has a clear picture in his head, and when his custom-made clothes are delivered (I told you they were fancy!), he will post a photo shoot.

The other primary piece of news is that we have welcomed two brand new members into our family. They're beautiful, pale-skinned, hermaphrodite twins. Beneath their tough exteriors they're truly delicate creatures, vulnerable to the slightest touch of a cruelly unmoistened hand. No, we haven't adopted circus freaks (although we're open to the possibility - you know how to reach us). Actually, we bought two pet snails from Home Plus. Have you ever had a snail ooze up your thumb and gently nom on your knuckle with its cat-like, raspy tongue? Trust me, it's a much more adorable experience than it sounds. Their names, of course, given our current TV obsession, are Barnabas and Josette. How do we tell them apart, you ask? Barnabas is whichever one looks bigger at the time. It's an imprecise system, but I'm pretty sure our albino lovelies don't mind.


  1. Oh, I feel special now – thank you. :D You had such an interesting blog that I had to start following.
    It's surprising if having a brown hair makes people think one seems somehow ill. You could imagine such when you dye your hair black instead, as the contrast between the hair and skin tone could make one seem sick. Personally I like the contrast between a pale complexion and a black hair, yet I've been afraid to try it out myself – just in case it wouldn't suit me... But well, you're pretty in black!

  2. Hi Becky and Linus, We just had a fun visit to Ft. Collins to attend Julie Gibson's wedding. We stayed with Link jr and Nancy this time. Cassandra came up for the wedding too. We are now in Denver visiting Holly's son (Wade Vogt) and his family. On the way down to Denver we went by Boulder to take some stuff to Cassandra and got totally lost trying to find the music school. We finally did find it and Cassandra.
    We loved hearing about Korea from your Mom and Dad and seeing all the neat pictures. Love, Grandad and Holly

  3. Black suits you well.

  4. I get the "Are you feeling okay?" thing a lot when I don't wear black eyeliner to work. By the same women who criticize "unnatural" makeup, which is strange. :) You look lovely with black hair!! I love the cut, too.

  5. Thanks everyone! I'm very happy with my black hair. I'm a little less happy about the maintenance (I already have roots! How can I already have roots?!), but oh, well - everything has its price. :)