Saturday, September 10, 2011

Wait... What?

Once we moved to Korea, I put a picture folder on my desktop labeled, "Puzzling." Here are some of its contents.
One of these things is not like the other...
This a common issue for coffe shops. I have another picture (unfortunately too blurred to post) that offers "fresh wapples."

I love these examples of hybrid copyright infringement.

There is an AD&D joke here, but it's not funny enough to justify the several paragraphs that it would take to explain it for the RPG impaired.
Initially, I thought this was the biggest box of tampons I'd ever seen...
Two gaming jokes in one post? Yeah, I'm a dork.
Not just happy - mighty happy.


  1. Happy Virus is a whole line full of oddness. I love the nerd catches. And as you've been learning Korean I'm sure you've noticed that the letter F doesn't exist. Mixing up P & F, D & T, L & R, K & G---the hardest thing for Koreans to distinguish.

  2. There is a Happy Virus store near our house - it's hilarious. :)

  3. O_O Those are some interesting finds! I like Might Happy Virus the most. Maybe because of our last D&D campaign... :s